Of Common Origin

Of Common Origin



Of Common Origin offers a glimpse into the lives and work of a group of leading architects with roots in the South. The book is one-part biography (long-form Q&As cover the practical, the personal, and the philosophical), and one-part visual diary (a single project from each firm is spread across a dozen pages, including several residences never before seen publicly). The interviews offer an abundance of fascinating stories and anecdotes: How did Keith Summerour’s experience in collegiate track at Auburn eventually lead him across campus to the architecture school? How did a high school English assignment lead a young Jeremy Corkern to an internship with A. Hays Town, the famed Louisiana architect? How did the son of a Dutch executive with the Michelin Tire Corporation (Ruard Veltman) or the grandson of a Canadian boat builder (David Baker) find their calling as architects in Alabama? There are also thoughts on what makes a beautiful home, why materials matter, and why the perfect one-room dwelling beats the gilded McMansion every time.


8" x 12" 

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