Ali Lanenga Art

Daisy 20" x 24" by Ali Lanenga

Daisy 20" x 24" by Ali Lanenga
Daisy 20" x 24" by Ali Lanenga

Daisy 20" x 24" by Ali Lanenga



Out of the ground and into the light, Ali sculpts each element: stem, petal, and leaf. Endlessly working, quietly harmonizing until a glorious union is bathed in light. The final compositions are thrilling landscapes. Between an intimate relationship with varied species and the vast reaching vista of her imagination, a balance is struck. Throughout each photograph the poetry of pastoral beauty emanates and the character of each flower is accentuated. Oscillating between simplicity and light, a lyrical new terrain emerges. At their center Ali's photographs are modern, meaning simply the materials harvested from the garden are used honestly, each for their own qualities and that the resulting photographs adapt nature’s design. Serving life in a variety of forms, colors, and textures, they are organic and complex. Like the garden, they are most useful to the human spirit.


Each photograph begins in the garden. Unlike drawing or painting where imagination can manifest itself in a composition, photography requires tangible elements. If I desire a line, shape, or color I harvest it from the garden. What can not be found, must be cultivated, and often must be grown from seed. Certain ideas have taken as long as 3 years to develop into the blooms of my imagination. The light that pours through my studio window is the crowning and determining element. Light, it’s color and shape, guides everything. My unique process involves split toning the natural colors present in the light, specifically at sunrise and sunset. In the studio, a single photograph can take as little as 4 hours to build-- but years of labor to nurture the elements required to arrive at the decisive moment when the photograph is made. Printed on Hahnemühle paper, my photographs come to life in full brilliance. This 100% cotton museum quality artist paper lends to a three-dimensional appearance with incredible depth. It is both acid and lignin free with a lightly defined felt structure.

Flowers: Daisy, Black-eyed Susan, Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Echinacea, Lindheimer's Bee-blossom, Babe Sage 


Art Size: 16" x 20" ; Overall: 20" x 24" 

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